Fleet Management

From narrow aisle electric forklifts to heavy duty diesel lift trucks, Hyundai National Accounts offers complete materials handling coverage regardless of your application, location or hours of operation.

It is estimated that the purchase price of any piece of equipment equates to as little as 20% of the total cost of ownership over the course of its useful life. At Hyundai National Accounts, our fleet management experts take the time to properly evaluate your requirements so we are able to recommend the right machine. We do this to help you achieve the lowest total cost of ownership per operating hour without sacrificing productivity or efficiency.

How can a fleet management specialist help your business to maximize your resource usage while minimizing costs?

  • Our fleet management consultants provide you with an initial inspection tour of your facility to get a profile of your equipment fleet and needs.
  • We evaluate your needs and asses product application and efficiency.
  • Our fleet management team determines possible savings in terms of cost/dollar spent on equipment.
  • They work with our service department to determine optimum turnover time for machines to eliminate major repair issues.
  • Your fleet management specialist teams up with our operator training department to ensure they provide you with operator training and safety solutions.
  • We offer advice on how Hyundai National Accounts can help to improve efficiency through equipment usage.
  • Our team provides you with simple changes and maintenance plans to reduce costs and maximize uptime.
  • Your fleet management expert will facilitate the operation of newer equipment without major capital expense.
  • We provide you with fixed costs for easy planning and ‘no-surprise’ expenses.
  • Our fleet management team helps you to lower your overall operating costs.
  • We offer customer specific programs such as ‘shut down’ to reduce costs during extended periods of non-production.

At Hyundai National Accounts we exceed expectations by offering your business fleet management services in five key areas:

Our services go beyond the basics of cost control and data management; we work with you to reduce costs, improve utilization and increase profitability. Our fleet management team offers accounting services, ease of ownership services, data management services and fleet cost and utilization reporting. You will receive hands-on assistance in formulating a fleet management strategy that’s right for your company, all in an integrated effort to improve operations, lower your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

Beginning with a complete analysis of your current operation, we start by understanding your business goals, objectives, timelines, technological issues and budget versus your actual operating expenses. This helps our fleet management team to outline a planning strategy so we can measure actual outcomes against expected performance; including an analysis of your fleet, current utilization, maintenance cost, and return on investment, etc.

Ownership Cost vs. Maintenance Cost: The Economic Life of a Lift Truck

Our fleet management advisors factor in a wide range of variables from lift truck age and usage, to operating cost per hour and return on investment. Owning and operating costs per hour and fleet utilization are two key factors that impact fleet management decisions.

Knowing when you have maximized the value of a lift truck requires comparisons between the cost of owning and operating a new truck versus the cost of maintaining an existing unit. Once these costs are determined by your fleet management expert, a value-analysis can help you decide which units should be replaced, retained, relocated or retired from your fleet.

Managing A Fleet Requires More Than Simple Number-Crunching

A forklift with low operating hours has a high ownership cost per hour because the truck has not been utilized long enough to recover the initial cost of your investment. However the maintenance cost per hour is probably very low because major repairs have not been necessary.

Conversely, a truck with many operating hours normally has a lower ownership cost per hour, but a higher maintenance cost per hour, due to periodic repairs. fleet management considers all of these factors when determining the right solution for your business. We also look at your older forklifts which may not be equipped with ergonomic features such as lumbar supported seats and adjustable tilt steering, which can translate into lower productivity and reduced profitability.

-High Mainenance Costs Per Hour
-Low Machine Utilization
Justified fleet reductions will produce significant cost reductions even if the asset(s) are fully depreciated.
-Low Maintenance Cost Per Hour
-Low Machine Utilization
Relocating these units to other areas allows them to obtain higher utilization.
-Low Maintenance Cost Per Hour
-High Machine Utilization
This indicates that these trucks are of optimal cost and utilization. These trucks should be retained and continue to operate as they have been.
-High Maintenance Cost Per Hour
-High Machine Utilization
The unit is clearly an integral part of the fleet but maintenance costs are escalating rapidly.